The Clay Lady’s White Clay Paint



Cone 05-6

Versatile, Simple for kids

Apply to greenware

Make and paint, single fire

Great for sgraffito, carving, inlay, marbling, and blends like paint

White Clay Paint comes in 4 oz and 16 oz.

When using clay paints, whatever the artist doesn’t paint is the color of the clay; white, if you are using The Clay Lady’s Clay. However, some projects call for white. HINT: The Clay Lady uses White Clay Paint for an extender when other Clay Paint colors are running low -just add a little White Clay Paint to extend the amount with very little color variation!

Top image: White Clay Paint on Red Earthenware with Clay Lady Clear Glaze

Bottom image: White Clay Paint on Clay Lady Clay with Clay Lady Clear Glaze

Additional information

Weight 00 lbs
Dimensions N/A


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