By artists, for artists.

Mid-South Ceramic Supply is the only full-service ceramics supply company based in a working artists’ education center and co-op.

We bring our passion for clay arts to every product, service, and customer interaction.

The Highest Quality Pottery Supplies

We believe in the products we sell.

We go out of our way to develop and source the highest quality products at the best price. We manufacture award-winning Opulence Glaze and The Clay Lady’s Products on site.

Commitment to Education

We’re artists helping artists create.

As artists and passionate makers, we gladly share our expertise and information about the pottery and ceramics supplies and products we carry. 

In fact, most of the experts on our sales and service team are also experienced teachers and working artists on The Clay Lady’s Campus.

Impeccable Service

We take pride in offering fast, accurate service to each and every customer.

Our passionate team of experts is dedicated to helping you find the best products and supplies to meet your needs. 

A Nashville-born business

Mid-South Ceramic Supply Company began as a 2,000 square foot warehouse on the north side of Nashville, opened in 1986 by owner Tom Turnbull. The business quickly became known within the local art community and schools as the place for friendly service and reliable, high-quality products. Tom later expanded its offerings with a few classes and workshops. That reputation for service, quality, and education is still the backbone of our business today.

Home of award-winning Opulence Glaze

Within just a few years, a local university asked Tom to develop a line of commercial dipping glazes for their fine arts program, and Opulence Glaze was born. Production began in 1989 with 12 glazes; today we develop, test, and manufacture more than 75 Opulence Glaze colors and finishes on site.

Woman-owned, Artist-operated clay resource.

Fast forward 16 years; pottery teacher Danielle McDaniel (The Clay Lady) and longtime Mid-South employee Tami Archer purchased the growing ceramics supply business. Combining Tami’s two decades in the industry with Danielle’s twenty years of teaching clay in schools across the region, Mid-South Ceramics quickly became a leading supplier of quality ceramics products in the United States.

What is The Clay Lady’s Campus?

As co-owners of Mid-South Ceramic Supply Company, Danielle and Tami have dramatically expanded the company’s physical space to establish The Clay Lady’s Campus, a one-of-a-kind artist community where makers of all skill levels can create, connect, and learn.

Visitors from across the country come to The Clay Lady’s Campus for classes, workshops, materials, seminars, events, and gallery shopping.

Meet the Team

Tami Archer


Danielle McDaniel


Starting as an employee in 1988, Tami became co-owner of Mid-South Ceramics in 2007. Tami administrates the supply portion of the business. Tami enjoys woodworking and the outdoors.

Better known as “The Clay Lady”, Danielle became co-owner of Mid-South Ceramics, merging her teaching and product line in 2007. Danielle administrates the educational component of the business. When not teaching, she likes to sculpt, write and mentor new artists. She teaches Wednesday pottery classes.

Denise Brown


Starting in 2004, Denise worked for The Clay Lady and is now Mid-South Ceramic’s Retail Manager. Denise is the first person you see when you walk into our showroom and she loves taking care of our customers. She enjoys karaoke, feeding people and concerts!

Kerby Wilkes


Kerby has a BA in Ceramics from The University of North Georgia. He runs a tight ship in the Warehouse, and keeps Mid-South stocked with glaze. He makes a mean mug, and if you don’t agree he’ll give you a “mean mug.”

Joseph McDaniel


Joseph completed his BFA in Ceramics at Appalachian Center for Crafts. Joseph has developed our last several lines of Opulence Glaze and The Clay Lady’s Products. When he is not busy in the lab, he is teaching our Friday pottery classes.

Lyndy Rutledge


Lyndy wears many hats around here: maintaining social media, planning events on campus, promoting our beautiful Opulence glazes, and working with artists. She enjoys mixed media, ceramics and jewelry making. She teaches our Tuesday night pottery class.

Alexie Smith


Alexie keeps our warehouse ‘Ready, Set, GO!’ for orders and production! He studied ceramics at Wichita State in Kansas and is enjoying his own studio space in Studio B where he can develop his craft. He also loves high fives and cartwheels. Alexie teaches our Monday night pottery class.

Anne-Marie Narey


Anne-Marie takes care of The Clay Lady’s Studio, loading kilns and maintaining glazes for over 250 weekly students. She is a potter, jeweler, fabric & glass artist and she is the keeper of the kitties in our Warehouse.

Melissa McKee


Melissa makes us look good- literally. She keeps up the grounds between our three buildings with a smile. She loves making stained glass, being outdoors and building relationships on Campus.

Cassis (Cuh-s-ees) Pitman


Cassis, pronounced (Cuh-s-ees), has her BFA in Ceramics with a background in ceramic production. She is exploring new art expressions with light sculptures. She is rarely seen on Campus without her dogs.  

Colton Oakley


Colton does it all! He helps with shipping orders, packing glazes and dry materials. He enjoys working with his colleagues. When he is not here, he enjoys camping, kayaking and painting. 

Alexie Smith & Kerby Wilkes


Alexie and/or Kerby travel to you to keep your kiln in great condition. They are both trained in kiln repair by Skutt Kilns. Call us to schedule a repair today!

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