Mid-South Ceramic Supply Company

Celebrating 35 years

Opulence Glaze

Cone 6 Opulence Glaze comes in 75 colors and is the best dipping glaze in the industry. Also available in brushable pints.

The Clay Lady’s Products

Danielle McDaniel~The Clay Lady has created a line of products and supplies to support art educators and artists.

More Glazes

In addition to our own line of C/6 Opulence Glaze, we also carry many other commercial glazes.


Create unique patterns and decorations with high quality underglazes.


We carry clays manufactured by Standard, Laguna, Aardvark, Trinity and The Clay Lady’s Clay.

Pottery Tools

Create unique clay art that reflects your individual style with our large selection of pottery and sculpture tools.

Wheels, Kilns and Equipment

Find the equipment that works best in your studio. Team Blue is available to share their experience and love of clay to help you make the perfect choice!

Chemicals and Stains

We have everything you need to create your own unique glaze or clay body.

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