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The best ambassadors for Opulence Glaze are our customers. Here are some of their favorities using Opulence Glaze from our Facebook Group- Opulence Glaze Conversations.

To learn more and participate in our Glaze of the Month contests, join us on Facebook- Opulence Glaze Conversations!

Opulence 600 Antique Iron
Opulence Antique Iron over Marshmallow by Jackie Geis
Opulence Celery over Emerald by Robin Bowman
Opulence Marshmallow on Speckled Clay by Jim Edwards
Opulence Denim Blue on Porcelain by Amanda Pawley
Opulence Seaspray on White Stoneware by Sally Roper
Antique Iron on Amaco white stoneware by Leslie Nieves
Opulence Antique Iron on White Stoneware by Leslie Nieves
Opulence Autumn Frost by Lynn Barnwell
Opulence Blue Monday over Eggshell by Darla Heard
Opulence Everglade by Robert Anthony Bates
Opulence Stormy Skies by Kelly Cox
Opulence Black, Red Wagon, Tropical Melon & Golden Rod by Leslie Barton
Opulence Wildflower on Speckled Clay
Opulence Seaspray, Blue Odyssey, Petrified Wood
Opulence Seaspray, Blue Odyssey, Petrified Wood on 266 by Dana Carter
Opulence Lemon Drop on white stoneware by Jen Burns
Opulence Blue Odyssey, Seaspray & Heavy Cream by Jessica Hawkins
Opulence Winter Day & Antique Iron on B-Mix by Rachel Deering
Opulence Cherry Blossom by Christine Gutweniger
Redwood under standard chambray
Opulence Galaxy and Marshmallow
Opulence Seaspray over Red Wagon by Katie Keaton
Opulence Limerick by Andie Rochester
Opulence Smokey Mountain Mist by Leslie Nieves
Opulence Bubble Gum
Opulence Seaspray over Chickory
Opulence French Bleu on porcelain
Opulence Cast Iron with Underglazes on Standard 112 by Linda Crossan
Opulence Bamboo on 225
Opulence Plum on white stoneware by Susie Dietze
Opulence Everglade on Red Star Clay by Patsy Manning
Opulence Goldenrod on white stoneware by Susie Dietze
Opulence Celery Fired to Cone 6. L-R: Electric, Gas, Wood Firings
Opulence Grease on B-Mix, Cone 6 Gas fired by Ameenah Henderson
Opulence Plum over Violet with black underglaze on white clay by Katie Tyson
Opulence Meadow on top and bottom, Orange Sherbet in middle, Antique Iron on rim by Rick Shireman
Opulence Tropical Melon, Limerick, Turquoise & Goldenrod on porcelain by Teri Garrett
Opulence Flamingo on multiple clay bodies
Opulence Turquoise on white clay by Kara Artman
Opulence Seaspray on B-Mix by Juliette Vennix Davin
Heather Tyson GoM winner Pebble Beach with Celery Seaspray
Opulence Pebble Beach with Celery & Seaspray by Heather Tyson
Opulence Chickory on dark clay by Martie L. Moore
Opulence Cornflower by Peg Curtis on white clay
Opulence Floating Blue by Susan Gibson Myers

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