In 1982 I taught my first class not knowing how that single step would begin my journey as The Clay Lady®. My love of clay turned into a national enterprise as over the years my teaching style developed into a modality that has changed art curriculum in 1,000’s of schools and studios across the country. I am honored to share my life’s work with others and I enjoy the far-reaching influence of The Clay Lady Way. I live my true joy everyday when teaching my clay workshops and classes in my studio and growing The Clay Lady's Studios Artist Co-op and Galleries!
-- Danielle McDaniel~The Clay Lady®

Fun Facts about The Clay Lady

• Calls her students Clay Cadets
• Has taught over 500,000 Clay Cadets
• Has taught over 30,000 workshops
• Has trained over 2,000 teachers The Clay Lady Way®
• Says the word clay about 250 times in every workshop
•Has said The Clay Lady’s Definition of Being An Artist almost a
quarter of a million times:

      Take What You Think
      Take What You Feel
      Mix It All Up
      And Make Something Real!™

• Largest group: 265 students at one time
• Shares 250,000 lbs of The Clay Lady’s Clay annually with her
artists and teachers
• Has been featured artist/educator on HGTV, PBS, Talk of The Town,
several National Educator’s Conferences and Ceramic Publications
• Has been Keynote speaker for several state art conferences
• Is the featured teacher on the How to Throw on The Potter’s Wheel
DVD shipped in every Shimpo Potter’s Wheel worldwide
• The Clay Lady, The Clay Lady Way and The Clay Lady’s Definition of Being
An Artist are federally trademarked and are protected by law
 • Also writes children’s books and has cyber-published a young adult novel
visit www.readForted.com

Has been co-owner of Mid-South Ceramic Supply Co since 2007 and The Clay Lady's Studios, Artist Co-op and Galleries since 2009

Additional Information:

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615.242.0346 // 1416 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN, 37210 // Hours: M-F 8:00-4:30, Sat 10:00-2:00