Mayco EL-123 Patina


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Mayco Elements are a cone 06/05 glaze designed to give a unique, organic, and earthy appearance to your piece.

Mayco Elements Glazes are used to give your piece a natural, elemental feel. They can be fired at different temperatures to create a new look. Apply the glaze in one direction or make it uneven for a unique outcome every time. 3 coats are recommended, but a 4th coat or firing at cone 06 may affect the color and look of the glaze. Try combining with other glazes for even more possibilities.

This glaze comes in a 4 oz jar. Cone 06/05. Elements is lead-free, dinnerware safe, and food safe.

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Weight .45 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 6 in
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