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The KilnMaster line of kilns gives you two ways to achieve precise firings time after time. Cone Fire Mode uses sophisticated software to run preset programs which are based on the Speed and Cone Value you enter. The Cone Fire Mode even calculates the perfect ending temperature based on how fast or slow the kiln is firing. Ramp/Hold Mode lets you design and store your own firing programs of up to eight segments. You are in total control of the heating and the cooling rates. Both programming modes offer the ability to Pre-Heat, Hold at peak temperature, Delay firings, set temperature Alarms, Review programs, and View program status. Now all 10 and 12-sided KilnMaster Kilns come standard with a Skutt Lid lifter.

KM 818 is a versatile Cone 10 kiln that is a great work tool for porcelain and stoneware artists. Easy to move and economical to operate, the KM-818 is the perfect kiln for home studios. 2.6 cf. 17.5″ wide by 18″ deep.

KM 1018 gives you nearly five cubic feet of capacity in a nice wide firing chamber. Whether the task is delicate porcelain or heavy stoneware, the KM-1018 can take you all the way to Cone 10 using cone equivalents or your custom designed Ramp/Hold program. 4.6 cf 23-3/8″ wide by 18″ deep.

KM 1027 is known as a real powerhouse because of its large 7 cubic foot capacity and ability to fire to Cone 10. It is a great kiln for those who fire porcelain and stoneware. It has proven to be the most popular model in our KilnMaster line, and has earned a reputation as a kiln which fires evenly at high temperatures over and over again. 7cf. 23-3/8″ by 27″ deep.

KM 1227 This is the perfect automatic electric kiln for high production, with nearly 10 cubic feet of loading capacity. For those who fire the same program for many loads, you need simply to load and start one of your six stored programs, and go back to work on your next batch. The KilnMaster will handle all the firing details with truly superhuman precision, ensuring that you will get superb consistency, load after load. 9.9cf. 28-1/8″ wide by 27″ deep.

When you buy a kiln with us, not only will you be supporting our business but we will support you by giving you membership into our Kiln Club! You will receive a Kiln Club membership card that entitles you to these benefits:

* Upon ordering, we work with you to make sure you get the right voltage and phase, you purchase the appropriate shelves and posts, and safety information.

* Upon receiving your kiln, we will spend one on one time to teach you how to set up and program your kiln.

* We also offer Kiln Link support, troubleshooting, equipment support and warranty work at no


* Kiln set-up is available for a discounted rate to Kiln Club members!

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