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Easy Fire says is all.

The L&L Flagship Kiln with Zone Control Easy-Fire kilns are the industry standard professional-grade electric kiln and L&L’s most popular line of kilns. They include durability features like element holders, protected thermocouples, super-strong stands and solid peephole plugs. For unparalleled performance and excellent temperature uniformity they include automatic zone control. They are designed for easy maintenance with their easy pull-down panel, easy-to-change elements and color-coded wiring.

  • E18T Top-Loading
    Three 9″ high sections
    8 sides
    3.9 cubic ft (110 Liters)
    230 pounds (103 Kg)

    17-1/2″ Diam x 27″ High

  • E23T 2-1/2″ (63 mm) K23 Premium Firebrick
    Three 9″ high sections
    10 sides
    7 cubic ft (198 Liters)
    315 pounds (142 Kg)

    23-3/8″ Diam x 27″ High

  • E28T-3 3″ (76 mm) K23 Premium Firebrick
    Three 9″ high sections
    12 sides
    10.2 cubic ft (289 Liters)
    435 pounds (197 Kg)
    28″ Diam x 27″ High


When you buy a kiln with us, not only will you be supporting our business but we will support you by giving you membership into our Kiln Club! You will receive a Kiln Club membership card that entitles you to these benefits:

* Upon ordering, we work with you to make sure you get the right voltage and phase, you purchase the appropriate shelves and posts, and safety information.

* Upon receiving your kiln, we will spend one on one time to teach you how to set up and program your kiln.

* We also offer Kiln Link support, troubleshooting, equipment support and warranty work at no charge.

* Kiln set-up is available for a discounted rate to Kiln Club members!

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