Dolan DPT Series

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These tools have cutting heads of fine quality steel mounted on solid metal shanks sealed in hardwood handles Their hand sharpened
edges will remove heavily grogged clay or plaster with ease while maintaining a razor edge. These tools are essential for any studio for trimming leather-hard or moist clay or for turning plaster on a lathe.

The fine edge of a Dolan Tool is tempered and treated to withstand the vigors of clay work. They are high-carbon knife grade steel.
The tool heads are coupled with a fine lathe turned hardwood handle.

We believe using your tools often is the best way to keep your tools in optimal condition. With continual use, rinsing after handling, and storing them in a dry place, you will retain the quality and prolong your tool’s life. If you find yourself in a position where you may not use them for a while, we recommend coating them in a fine layer of oil, any oil will do.

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120, 125, 135, 220C

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