The Clay Lady Way

Danielle McDaniel~The Clay Lady®

Danielle McDaniel~The Clay Lady® is best known since 1982 for a clay teaching program in the schools of Middle Tennessee. She has dedicated her life to the transformative power of art by teaching clay to hundreds of thousands of children and ensuring clay would be taught in the classroom by educating art teachers The Clay Lady Way®, a teaching modality for art teachers nationally.

She created The Clay Lady’s Campus, an art community in Nashville TN, which sees over 500 students and artists each week, filling studios and classrooms with enhancing, creative endeavors. For all ages, all levels and in all circumstances, Danielle~The Clay Lady has created a way for clay to be accessible to everyone via videos, books, seminars and The Campus.

Take what you think, take what you feel, mix it all up and make something real.

Danielle~The Clay Lady

Since 1982, this motto has been repeated by The Clay Lady and her students in every class and workshop. It encompasses her philosophy surrounding the greatness and goodness of being an artist that goes beyond creating a clay project. It asks the artist to consider the call that artists not only make beautiful things, but they are called to make the world a more beautiful place.

Danielle has 4 product lines and The Clay Lady Way® teaching modality for art teachers!

The Clay Lady Way includes over 35 years of her experience with tested products, classroom/studio management and single-firing technique that guarantees your student’s success (and yours)! The Clay Lady Way instructional materials include step by step projects, products for ‘make and paint’ in one sitting and single firing schedules. For the experienced teacher or beginner, The Clay Lady Way is full of new techniques and ideas!

“The Clay Lady Way is not just a method but a philosophy all art teachers would benefit from by knowing.”

Tennessee Elementary Teacher

Now with NEW products, The Clay Lady Way is for teachers AND artists! Low-fire Glazes, WaterColors and Textured Glazes expand the surface decoration palette beyond a slip covered project! Explore using traditional bisque fire for the Low-Fire Opaque Glazes or using the Textured Glazes over a Clay Painted surface of WaterColors for a majolica technique. The options are endless for you!

The Clay Lady’s Product line is proudly manufactured by Mid-South Ceramic Supply Co.