“I love your glaze. I have been using your Reduction Look Glazes since 2010 and LOVE them. They are hands down the best glazes on the market. They really make my work pop. You guys make the best glazes around, better in my opinion than Amaco.” – Vanessa DeVore, customer

For over 25 years, Opulence Glaze has been proudly manufactured by Mid-South Ceramic Supply Company in Nashville, TN. We offer 60 colors in 4 distinct lines for Cone 6 Electric Firing and 12 NEW Satin Matte colors for a more matte finish we suggest firing at C/5 with a 30 minute hold. We currently sell Opulence Glaze in 5 lbs. and 25 lbs. packages of dry glaze (manufactured for dipping) and in liquid pints. At Mid-South Ceramics, we strive to always improve and stay current with our customer’s requests as they pursue their creative endeavors. With this in mind, it is our pleasure to announce, Opulence Glaze in liquid pints have been enhanced for better brushability! 




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Directions: Brush 2-3 coats on c/06-04 Bisque. For best results, use a soft fan brush. When layering two different Opulence Glazes, use only 2-3 coats TOTAL to avoid over application. The brushable liquid pints can be modified for dipping/pouring by adding 2 capfuls of water and shaking well before using. Allow to dry thoroughly before glaze firing to C/6.


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