Learn from The Clay Lady

“In 1982 I taught my first class not knowing how that single step would begin my journey as The Clay Lady®. My love of clay turned into a national enterprise as over the years my teaching style developed into a modality that has changed art curriculum in 1,000’s of schools and studios across the country. I am honored to share my life’s work with others and I enjoy the far-reaching influence of The Clay Lady Way. I live my true joy everyday when teaching my clay workshops and classes in my studio and growing The Clay Lady’s Artist Co-op and Galleries!”

-Danielle~The Clay Lady

Videos on The Clay Lady Way and Throwing Techniques on the Pottery Wheel

Intro to Teaching Clay…The Clay Lady Way
The Clay Lady Angel Project
The Supplies
Advanced Techniques
Part 1: Intro to the Pottery Wheel
Part 2: Intro to the Potters Wheel

Throwing a Chip and Dip on the Pottery Wheel
Throwing Large Pieces on the Pottery Wheel
Throwing a Plate on the Pottery Wheel
Throwing a Ring Holder, Candle Holder or a Juicer
Pottery Trimming Tutorial
Control at the Wheel

How to Throw a Cylinder
How to Clean Your Wheel Without Going to the Sink
Glazing 101