Master Series Workshop with Michael Hunt at the Clay Lady’s Studios

Workshop with Michael Hunt, featuring Onggi jars

January 21st, 2017 at The Clay Lady’s Studios
9:00am-3:00pm in Studio B
Cost $145. Call 615-242-0346 to register. Demonstration only with limited hands on time.

Onggi is a Korean pottery tradition of making large and small storage jars for every day use. Instead of using the coil building technique that was common in the rest of Korea and Asia, the Cholla potters build their pots using long slabs of clay. The pots are then formed using a paddle and anvil, stretching and shaping the pot while it spins on a kick wheel. No water is used so they can make giant jars quickly without them collapsing.

Michael Hunt started with clay in high school, and became a student at Penland School of Craft. Several years later he was invited to go to Korea to learn the traditional method of making large Onggi storage jars with master Onggi potter Oh Hyang Jong. He currently has a studio in the Penland area.