Introducing Clay at Home Kits for Kids and Families by The Clay Lady

We have two Kits to choose from, designed with everything an artist needs to complete a clay project. Each Kit includes 4 different project instructions for artists of all ages, a generous amount of clay, work mat, tools, Clay Paints and a coupon for discounted Kiln Firing.

The Animal Kit includes instructions to make a bunny, cat, fish and turtle.

The Holiday Kit includes instructions to make a pumpkin, turkey, angel an snowman.

A Single Kit is for one project. The Kit includes a work mat, clay, 3 Clay Paints, a brush, scoring tool, wooden tool, and instructions.

A Family Kit is for multiple projects. The Kit includes 4 work mats, 3 Clay Paints, 4 brushes, 2 scoring tools, 4 wooden tools and instructions.

*Each Kit includes a video links to demonstrations by The Clay Lady.

Call 615-242-0346 for a price discount for groups over 50.

Purchase a kit today!