We have a dedicated team of working artists ready to assist you

Tami Archer

Co-Owner and Mid-South Ceramics Manager
After starting as an employee 25 years ago, Tami became co-owner of Mid-South Ceramics in 2007. Tami administrates the supply portion of the business. Tami enjoys woodworking and the outdoors.

Danielle McDaniel

Co-Owner, The Clay Lady and Studio Instructor
Better known as "The Clay Lady" since 1982, Danielle became co-owner of Mid-South Ceramics, merging her teaching and product line in 2007. Danielle administrates the educational component of the business. When not teaching, she likes to sculpt, write and mentor new artists. She teaches Wednesday morning and evening pottery classes.

Denise Brown

Community Operations Manager
Starting in 2004, Denise worked for The Clay Lady and is now the Community Operations Manager of our Campus. Denise keeps our 26 kilns, 60 on-premise artists and seven staff members programmed and ready to go! She enjoys putting her artistic spin on pottery and spending time with friends.

Kerby Wilkes

Production Manager
Kerby has a BA in Ceramics from The University of North Georgia. He runs a tight ship in the Warehouse, and keeps Mid-South stocked with glaze. He makes a mean mug, and if you don't agree he'll give you a "mean mug."

Joseph McDaniel

Research, Development & Sales, Studio Instructor
Joseph completed his BFA in Ceramics at Appalachian Center for Crafts. Joseph has developed our last several lines of Opulence Glaze and The Clay Lady’s Products. Busy in the lab, he is our go-to guy for all things glaze! Joseph teaches our Tuesday morning pottery class.

Lyndy Rutledge

Creative Director, Opulence Glaze Rep and Studio Instructor
Lyndy joined our team in 2014. She wears many hats around here: maintaining social media, planning events on campus, promoting our beautiful Opulence glazes, and working with artists. She enjoys mixed media, ceramics and jewelry making. She teaches our Tuesday night pottery class.

Alexie Smith

Warehouse Manager & Studio Instructor
Alexie keeps our warehouse 'Ready, Set, GO!' for orders and production! He studied ceramics at Wichita State in Kansas and is enjoying his own studio space in Studio B where he can develop his craft. He also loves high fives and cartwheels. Alexie teaches our Monday night pottery class.

Anne-Marie Narey

Studio Manager
Anne-Marie spends her time loading kilns and maintaining glazes for The Clay Lady Studios. She is a potter, jeweler, fabric & glass artist.

Melissa McKee

Grounds Goddess
Melissa makes us look good- literally. She keeps up the grounds between our three buildings with a smile. She loves making stained glass, being outdoors and building relationships on Campus.

Alexie Smith & Kerby Wilkes

Kiln Repair
Alexie & Kerby keep your kiln in top working order!

Merideth Holder

Studio Instructor
Merideth teaches pottery on Thursdays. An accomplished potter, Merideth has been associated with our Campus in one capacity or another since 2009.

Audra Ladd

Studio Instructor
Audra is our pottery teacher on Friday nights. She is a lifetime Co-op member and is an experienced potter who enjoys using nature surface decoration.