Superior Pottery and Ceramics Supplies Since 1986

Mid-South Ceramic Supply Company was established in 1986 by Tom Turnbull. He set up his shop in a 2,000 square foot warehouse on the north side of Nashville. Tom was quickly able to establish himself and Mid-South Ceramics within the local art community and schools as the place for friendly, reliable and quality products; something that is the backbone of our business today.

Tom always had a longing to get back to his roots as a potter, so in 1999 he sold Mid-South Ceramics to Esmalglass, a Spanish frit and stain manufacturer. Mid-South Ceramics moved in 2003 to a building just east of downtown Nashville with 13,000 square feet. This gave the company the opportunity to offer more products and increase its inventory. It also gave the company the space to build a teaching studio for the community.

In 1988, a local university asked Tom if he could develop a line of commercial glazes for their use, and Opulence Glaze was born. Working with a ceramic engineer to develop a top quality dipping glaze, Opulence Glaze started production in 1989 with 12 glazes. Today, we have over 70 glazes.

Danielle McDaniel was hired in 2005 to teach the evening pottery classes and they were a success. In 2007, Danielle and long time employee, Tami Archer, purchased Mid-South Ceramics. Danielle had established herself as The Clay Lady with 20 years of teaching clay in schools throughout Middle Tennessee and Tami had 20 years of experience working under Tom at Mid-South Ceramics.

Since 2007, Mid-South Ceramics has continued to grow and become a leading supplier of quality products in the United States. We continue to manufacture Opulence Glaze, with five distinct lines of over 70 glazes and The Clay Lady’s line of products. Danielle and Tami have acquired more space, including The Clay Lady’s Studio, Studio B and The Clay Lady’s Artist Co-op and Gallery, all located on The Clay Lady’s Campus. We are more than a ceramic shop or studio, but a creative community that seeks to nurture creativity through life-giving community, one artist at a time.